eeek….. a poem!!

i love to write ~ about anything i think i know or know i love, just being able to succinctly communicate a thought brings some silly satisfaction ~ in a letter, or a journal, a memo or a professional document, pretty much anything….but poetry?  


i never understood the appeal… and even if i did, i’ve had no interest in “putting myself out there” like that.

until i did ~ accidentally ~ not kidding

perhaps it was too much Seuss as a kid

but there is was, scribbled out on little pieces of note paper all over my bed, a little stream of thought that ran through my mind with a certain rhythm and rhyme… and somehow, it just said what i was feeling leaving me strangely relieved

like i’d had a good cry ~ as if that’s not an oxymoron…

several poems later, a sister in Christ, whom i have never met (Beth Moore), suggested that poetry is often born from deep emotion or turmoil… so ya…”out there”, in a BIG way (at least to me ;p)

articulating frustrations, expressing joy or grief, finding a place to rest my mind when my emotions won’t sleep, poems seem to put parameters on my scrambled thoughts, the rhythm offering a soothing cadence and the completion quieting the competing emotions…

and maybe most of what i write will only ever impact me…. but maybe God’s way of helping me articulate what churns in my soul could benefit another… 

so….. “out there” it is!!


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