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country roots…

I grew up in a beautiful country home… a little house nestled amongst rich farmland and a mature nursery ~ no cows or pigs or chickens….  but gardens some seasons, horses and mules others… and always fishing pond, a barn, cats or dogs or other little critters, lots of trees, fresh air,  and more than anything ~ peace and serenity…

And I miss that….

A couple of years ago I started mowing our lawn ~ i know “WOW” *sarcasm*  but actually, it was an accomplishment ~ my husband owns a large lawn care and landscape company and I had to learn to maneuver a HUGE John Deere Ztrac – AND it had to be GOOD!  I did it to help out during an exceptionally busy season, but continued because I LOVED IT.  Everything about my frame of mind improved.  My husband insists I’m solar-powered.  I think he’s on to something ~ anyway, it gave me a taste for what was missing.

*insert another seemingly random thought*  In the last 14 years we’ve added three different and serious autoimmune issues as well as a couple of food allergies to our family, prompting us to research the nutrition world, ad nauseam …. which led to a better understanding of our unfortunate food supply….which lead to my long-standing but never attempted desire to be a part of the rapidly growing “homesteading” way of life… which brings me to the long-time-coming plan…

It’s time to satiate my desire for a slice of country living and respond to our genuine need for better food and build my own version of an “urban homestead”.  Certainly not an original idea ~ but almost every aspect of it is new to me (at least in practice)

So ~ I’m going to have a garden ~ pretty enough for my neighbors…
chickens for eggs (no roosters yet ;p)  ~ so quiet enough to be of little notice…
and horses (strangely permitted in this neighborhood – yay!!) ~
pretty enough to be appreciated….

And somehow the idea of worm farms and composting and the many dirty jobs of the homesteading world are fantastically appealing to me!!  This may be one of those romanticized items ~ but this is why I’m posting

So far I have started planning my gardens and gathering helpful resources ~ including books and magazines and tons of wonderful links!  I am fortunate to have a lot of family experts, including my sister-in-law who actually lives in the country.   She is a PRO at the homesteading gig and, ironically, was a city girl growing up!  You name it, she’s probably done it on some scale, she really is An Accidental Country Girl, but she rocks it, she blogs it and she inspires me!

A budget is next and then the purchasing and planting and building will begin ~ I still have a few weeks before the earliest chance for a real thaw, but I’m guessing I will be shocked at how quickly the time passes!

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a country heart in the city limits…

My heart longs for the country life.  I believe my vital signs actually improve as I drive to the edge of town…  the sounds, the smells ~ whatever it is ~ my entire being winds down and I truly just feel better!

…but my adult life has been established inside the inside the city limits

neighbors with opinions… what I park in my driveway or build in my back yard…  some really nice people and some not so fun people… but people I must sometimes consider…. even if it’s not fair

My kiddos are grown and this is the house that holds our memories, this is where they visit “the old days” and this is where we continue to make new and wonderful memories… I love this home, but still, I long for the country.

So, what’s a “country girl at heart” to do?

This summer I will embark on an ambitious journey ~ Bring a little slice of the country life here!

I am PRO at romanticizing a great plan ~ but the realist in me is sometimes paralyzed by the unknown…  so here I hope to bring a little balance!  This little series of posts will announce my plans and record my progress – optimistically called “the farmhouse” series, perhaps I’ll find a few accountability partners…