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a country heart in the city limits…

My heart longs for the country life.  I believe my vital signs actually improve as I drive to the edge of town…  the sounds, the smells ~ whatever it is ~ my entire being winds down and I truly just feel better!

…but my adult life has been established inside the inside the city limits

neighbors with opinions… what I park in my driveway or build in my back yard…  some really nice people and some not so fun people… but people I must sometimes consider…. even if it’s not fair

My kiddos are grown and this is the house that holds our memories, this is where they visit “the old days” and this is where we continue to make new and wonderful memories… I love this home, but still, I long for the country.

So, what’s a “country girl at heart” to do?

This summer I will embark on an ambitious journey ~ Bring a little slice of the country life here!

I am PRO at romanticizing a great plan ~ but the realist in me is sometimes paralyzed by the unknown…  so here I hope to bring a little balance!  This little series of posts will announce my plans and record my progress – optimistically called “the farmhouse” series, perhaps I’ll find a few accountability partners…

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eeek…. a poem!!!

i love to write ~ about anything i think i know or know i love, just being able to succinctly communicate a thought brings some silly satisfaction ~ in a letter, or a journal, a memo or a professional document, pretty much anything….but poetry?


i never understood the appeal… and even if i did, i’ve had no interest in “putting myself out there” like that.

until i did ~ accidentally ~ not kidding

perhaps it was too much Seuss as a kid

but there is was, scribbled out on little pieces of note paper all over my bed, a little stream of thought that ran through my mind with a certain rhythm and rhyme… and somehow, it just said what i was feeling leaving me strangely relieved

like i’d had a good cry ~ as if that’s not an oxymoron…

several poems later, a sister in Christ, whom i have never met (Beth Moore), suggested that poetry is often born from deep emotion or turmoil… so ya…”out there”, in a BIG way (at least to me ;p)

articulating frustrations, expressing joy or grief, finding a place to rest my mind when my emotions won’t sleep, poems seem to put parameters on my scrambled thoughts, the rhythm offering a soothing cadence and the completion quieting the competing emotions…

and maybe most of what i write will only ever impact me…. but maybe God’s way of helping me articulate what churns in my soul could benefit another…

so….. “out there” it is!!