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i come to You…

i come to You to soothe my pain
to dry my tears and take my shame

i come to You to calm my fears
to listen when nobody hears

i come to You to guide my steps
to hold my hand when troubles get

a hold of me and blind my eyes
and drown the truth with clever lies

i come to You for me it’s true
but also so i’ll know you too

i come to you and seek Your face
to see Your glory and feel Your grace

i come to hear Your gentle voice
that whispers truth in all the noise

i come to sit in the wonder of
the One with power and perfect love

my shelter and my hiding place
i come to You, my source of strength

for all of this and so much more
i’ll come to you forever more

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as the paper meets the ink…

exposing pieces of my heart
sharing what i think
a piece of me i soon lay bare
as the paper meets the ink

the scraping sounds across the page
dims the uninvited voice
of the editor & judge in me
who questions every choice

sorting out my deepest thoughts
a vulnerable place to be
revealing fear i’d rather hide
as the paper meets the ink

flowing from my pen some days
i write before i know
where the words will take me
~where my thoughts will go

surrendered to the flow of thought
and each discovery
i have found a freedom
as the paper meets the ink