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my littles are big!

IMG_0001my littles are big
but only moments ago
I nestled them under my chin
my littles are big
but just yesterday
I marveled at their first grin

the days flew by
though I tried to hold tight
and treasure each mark as they grew
these sweet moments in life 
I can honestly say
from the beginning I always knew

to love every moment
even long, tired days
of laundry and homework
the joy with the pain

my little are big!
and OH how I miss
those soft little cheeks
messy hands
sticky kiss

but my little ARE big
and what a blessing I know
to see who they’ve become
as I’ve watched them grow

A bittersweet gift to long for those days
only missing them because
I had them
so I will remember, but live here and now
because I still know now
what I knew then

to treasure these gifts
don’t lose sight in the crazy
of all that comes with what we’re given
enjoy beauty in chaos and never forget
to treasure these slices of heaven

my littles are big and now moving on
having littles of their own
and oh what a treasure
soft cheeks, sticky kisses
this grammy is grateful to know

There are times I am almost completely overwhelmed by what I miss, but then I have no choice but to realize the irony, I couldn’t long to return to something I’d never had.  To have had such a treasure, to have been able to have that season of life, was such an overwhelming gift ~ a gift I always knew was just for a season ~I find that I find deeper understanding to this whole idea of “bittersweet”  ❤

If you are in the crazy fun days of little kids, little sleep and lots of stuff to do, just hang on tight, don’t lose the love under the pile of laundry, it will all be behind you all too soon!!  But no worries, if you keep looking, new treasures are likely just around the corner!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change”  James 1:17


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