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You know the chaos in my heart
You know the trials of my life
You know the sins still not confessed
You know the source of all this strife

impatience reigns in my weary soul
frustration has a voice
disappointment speaks her mind so loud
i’m distracted by this noise

search my heart and reveal to me
the ugly i need to see
hold my hand as i pour out
every sinful piece of me

fill me with Your quiet strength
pour in to me again
lead me in Your light and truth
Your freedom I can claim

let me hear Your still, small voice
as I search Your loving Word
transform my soul as i obey
so your Truth can truly be heard

not in what i say, but who i am
transformed, I’ve been redeemed 
You have a plan to use me so
Your glory can be seen

the chaos calm, the trials dim
with You my worries fade
my heart is free, down on my knees
this time, i wouldn’t  trade

to sit with You in quiet peace
and feel Your presence near
to know that in the worst of trials
i can trust You and not fear

show me now, just my next step
as i open up Your word
prepare me so they see You
in this lonely broken world


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